ARTIST NAME Pradeep Devadass
TEAM NAME Devadass / Verma
GROUP Group XXXVIII, Apr 2014 - Sep 2014
DISCIPLINE Architecture
BIO Born 1987 in Bangalore, India
Lives in Shanghai, China


- Architecture, Em.Tech. (Emergent Technologies and Design), Architectural Association (AA) School of Architecture, London, United Kingdom
- Architecture, R.V. College of Engineering, Bangalore, India

Work Experience

2013 to 2014
- Architect & Researcher, Archi-Union Architects, Shanghai, China

2013 to Present
- Co-founder & Researcher (Part-Time), rat[LAB] – Research in Architecture & Technology

- Architecture Apprentice/Computational Designer, RoboFold, London, United Kingdom

2011 to 2013
- Student Assistant, Digital Prototyping Lab, Architectural Association, London, United Kingdom

- Architect, RSP Design Consultant’s INDIA Pvt Ltd, Bangalore, India

- Architectural internship, Matthew & Gosh Architects, Bangalore, India

Publications & Research Papers

- “Performative Tectonics: Robotic Fabrication Methodology towards Complexity” by Pradeep Devadass, Philip F. Yuan & Hao Meng, in conference proceedings of Rob|Arch 2014, McGee & Leon (eds) Robotic Fabrication in Architecture, Art and Design. Springer International Publishing, Switzerland, (pg.181-195)
- “Fabricating Complexity: A Performance based Methodology through Parametric Optimization” by Pradeep Devadass, Philip F. Yuan & Hao Meng , in proceedings of4th International Conference on Advanced in Materials and Manufacturing Processes (ICAMMP 2013) Advanced Materials Research Vols. 889-890 (2014). Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland, pp 1240-1245
- “Adaptive [skins]: Responsive building skin systems based on tensegrity principles.” In Future Traditions. Rethinking Traditions and Envisioning the Future of Architecture Through the Use of Digital Technologies, 1st eCAADe Regional International Workshop Proceedings, 155-170. eCAADe: Regional Internaional Workshops. Porto, Portugal: University of Porto, 2013. (Sushant Verma and Pradeep Devadass)
- “adaptive [skins] –Use of genetic algorithms for actuation system optimization,” EG-ICE 2013 (European Group for Intelligent Computing in Engineering), 2013, Vienna, Austria 1st-3rd July 2013. (Sushant Verma and Pradeep Devadass)
Pradeep Devadass portrait
© Pradeep Devadass
YTD - You’re The Designer, adaptive[systems]
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